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Costa del Salford (2015)
Presentation / Conference
Peploe, G., & Greenhalgh, J. (2015, June). Costa del Salford. Presented at Faultlines: Bridging Knowledge Spaces Irish Design Research Conference, Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland

We have developed a model of student & industry engagement. This is through the creation of a catalytic platform, which allows a symbiotic exchange of knowledge between industry, educators and students. The outcome enables the creation of new jobs.... Read More about Costa del Salford.

Fast forward through the rear view mirror. Navigating disruption (2014)
Presentation / Conference
Peploe, G. (2014, June). Fast forward through the rear view mirror. Navigating disruption. Presented at Digital Humanities, 4th Annual Research Conference., Nottingham & Trent University, UK

The future is creative, digital, collaborative & very very messy. “The next 30 years will be the most disruptive we’ve ever seen.” Mark Stevenson. Companies fewer than 2 years old with less than 20 employees can bankrupt titans who’ve existed... Read More about Fast forward through the rear view mirror. Navigating disruption.

Play serious (2012)
Presentation / Conference
Peploe, G. (2012, September). Play serious. Presented at Playserious, Manchester, England

Play Serious is an innovative, seriously playful and playfully serious event for practice based/led/as researchers. An explosion of art, critical insight and creative activity where participants will be encouraged to share their unresolved ‘work in... Read More about Play serious.

This will arrive long after we get home (2012)
Digital Artefact
Peploe, G. (2012). This will arrive long after we get home

Video work for One Minute Volume 5. Showing at the Hull 10th International Short Film Festival. 04/10/2012-07/10/2012 Produced on residency at Rural Projects, New York.

An urban ecology of chance (2009)
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. An urban ecology of chance. 16 October 2009 - 23 October 2009. (Unpublished)

Interval presents a solo show By Daniel Staincliffe.

I don't see any dog up here (2009)
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. I don't see any dog up here. 6 August 2009 - 22 August 2009. (Unpublished)

After the curtain falls (2009)
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. After the curtain falls. [Vinyl text applied to wall]. 11 January 2009 - 18 January 2009. (Unpublished)

The representation of everydayness often leads to its escape and the problems of its recollection are heightened by the proximity of multimedia. Giving expression to the nature of casual encounters has a difficult legacy for artists; especially as th... Read More about After the curtain falls.

Rolling Road, 1 minute Volume 3 (2009)
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. Rolling Road, 1 minute Volume 3. 1 January 2009. (Unpublished)

Curated by Kerry Baldry. Screened; Apollo Home Entertainment, London. Directors Lounge presents at Contemporary Art Ruhr, Berlin, Germany. Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK. BBC, big screen, Hull, UK.

Illumination (2008)
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. Illumination. 24 October 2008 - 30 October 2008. (Unpublished)

Curated and produced, Interval’s show ‘Illumination’ inviting Trace 33 former MA and MFA Media alumni from the Slade School of Art, London. To show in a blacked out non-gallery space in City Centre Manchester, UK.

Houndstooth II (2008)
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. Houndstooth II. [Dual screen video installation.]. 4 October 2008 - 30 October 2008. (Unpublished)

Houndstooth II, Dual screen digital video installation, 3'10" 2008. Initiating a personal and intimate encounter, the viewer is caught in the middle of a dialogue between two screens.

From one to another (2008)
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G., & Gaskill, K. From one to another. [Exhibiton]. 18 April 2008 - 1 May 2008. (Unpublished)

Interval present work from International artists using dual screens. Nina Fischer & Maroan El Sani - Toute la Memoire du Monde Zhang Ding - Boxing 1&2 Lisa Klapstock - Field Studies - Exposure and Focus

Urban cycles (2002)
Digital Artefact
Peploe, G. (2002). Urban cycles. [Exhibition and Book]

New school vs old school, new opportunities for the creative disciplines
Presentation / Conference
Peploe, G. New school vs old school, new opportunities for the creative disciplines. Presented at 2013 Sino-UK Higher Education Cooperation in New Media Industry, Shenzhen, Wuhan & Shanghai

Digital media is mainstream in contemporary culture. Within creative education (like its predecessors, the traditional high arts of the academy), it risks becoming siloed. The creative culture of the studio can be instrumental in addressing this... Read More about New school vs old school, new opportunities for the creative disciplines.

"Prologue to a film." Gary Peploe & Peter Nutley
Digital Artefact
Peploe, G., & Nutley, P. "Prologue to a film." Gary Peploe & Peter Nutley. [Video]

"Prologue to a film." One minute, Vol 7. Curated by Kerry Baldry. Screening April 2014. The Ginsberg Film Festival, Steve Biko Centre, South Africa.

One Minute Volume 6 "This will arrive long after we get home"
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. One Minute Volume 6 "This will arrive long after we get home". [DVD]. (Unpublished)

One Minute Volumes 1-6 are an eclectic mix of artists moving image constrained to the time limit of one minute and include over 80 artists at varying stages of their careers. The artists involved range from established figures, such as Guy Sherwin... Read More about One Minute Volume 6 "This will arrive long after we get home".

Houndstooth, single channel video
Exhibition / Performance
Peploe, G. Houndstooth, single channel video. [Single channel video.]. (Unpublished)

Houndstooth (1 minute Volume 2)', exhibited at: Cow Lane Studios, The Big Screen, The Marseille Project Gallery, The Red Gallery, Roxy Nod, Directors Lounge, Artprojx Space, EXP 24 and The BAck doOR., Salford, Hull, Marseille, Prague, Berlin, Essen,... Read More about Houndstooth, single channel video.