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Ecological strategy for eutrophication control (2010)
Journal Article
Tang, X., Wu, M., Yang, W., Yin, W., Jin, F., Ye, M., …Scholz, M. (2010). Ecological strategy for eutrophication control. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 223(2), 723-737.

Water monitoring results of the Danjiangkou Reservoir indicated that total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations are high and therefore worse than required for central drinking water supplies. Nutrients including nitrogen and phosphorus accumu... Read More about Ecological strategy for eutrophication control.

Dalby Forest Visitors Center (2010)
Book Chapter
Currie, N., & McDonnell, T. (2010). Dalby Forest Visitors Center. In Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineer (273-279). Reston: American Society of Civil Engineers