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Bertie Badger's Birthday Party (2017)
Ann, B. (2017). Bertie Badger's Birthday Party. England: Creative Locations Ltd

Bertie Badger lives in Badger Wood with Mummy Badger, Daddy Badger, and his brothers, Peddler and Bramble. On the night of his birthday, Daddy Badger has a surprise in store for Bertie and his brothers. Soon, a party ensues and an unexpected guest ar... Read More about Bertie Badger's Birthday Party.

Lancashire Folk Tales (2014)
Bailey, J., & England, D. (2014). Lancashire Folk Tales. The History Press

These lively and entertaining folk tales from one of Britain’s most diverse counties are vividly retold by writer, storyteller and poet Jennie Bailey and storyteller, writer, psychotherapist and shamanic guide David England. Take a fantasy journey ar... Read More about Lancashire Folk Tales.