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The changing position of women in Arabia under Islam during the early seventh century

Sulaimani, FAA


FAA Sulaimani


MAS Abdel Haleem


This study of the position of women in Islamic society
during the period of the Prophet in the early seventh century A.D. compares their status with the status of women in pre-Islamic Arabia,
and investigates the changes, if any, which the new faith brought
to the women believers.
The thesis is composed of three chapters. The purpose of the
first chapter is to outline the nature of the socio-economic and
legal status of women in Arabia before Islam; it surveys the
concept of Jahiliyyah, the tribal society as a whole, the practice
of burying daughters alive, marriage, polygamy and divorce. The
second chapter contains an over view of the new moral and legal
status granted to women under Islamic law, according to the specific
rules governing the rights and duties of the people as laid down by
the Prophet himself. This can therefore be taken as the ideal
example, in all aspects. of the true Islamic community. The third
chapter contains cases of illustrious and influential women in the
first seminal period of Islam: Khadija, the first believer and
first wife of the Prophet, Aisha, the young wife and important
transmitter of tradition and Faimah, the Prophet's daughter and
other various examples of women in different aspects.


Sulaimani, F. The changing position of women in Arabia under Islam during the early seventh century. (Thesis). University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Aug 17, 2011
Publicly Available Date Aug 17, 2011
Award Date Jan 1, 1986


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