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Human response to intense infrasound

Whiterod, MJ


MJ Whiterod


1.1. Definition
(a) "Infrasound is a mechanical disturbance, propagated
on an elastic medium, of frequency too low to be capable
of exciting the sensation of hearing". (British Standard 661)
(b) In this work the upper limit of the infrasonic region
will generally be taken as 20Hz. Propagation is in air
unless otherwise stated.
The literature on the effects of infrasound on both
man and animals is reviewed in Chapter 2. In Chapter 3
the general requirements and possible sources of infrasound
are discussed, the final apparatus is described together with its calibration and performance.
Chapters 4 and 5 deal with the methods used to detect
both subjective and objective effects evoked by the stimulus
and the preliminary experiments performed to test the feasibility
of the project.
The experiments performed with the system in examining
the physiological effects of monaural, binaural and whole
body stimulation are discussed in detail in Chapters 6 and 7. The physiological background to the experiments is
discussed in Chapter 8.
Finally in chapters 9 and 10 the results are discussed
and possible mechanisms for the production of the effects


Whiterod, M. Human response to intense infrasound. (Thesis). University of Salford, UK

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Jul 2, 2009
Publicly Available Date Jul 2, 2009
Award Date Dec 1, 1972


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