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Building organisational capacities for effective e-waste management: a conceptual framework

Azeem, A; Mallawarachchi, H; Hemba Geekiyanage, MD


A Azeem

H Mallawarachchi


Globally, e-waste generation rises in parallel to the increased consumption of e-products. Management of this complex waste stream becomes a severe challenge, especially for developing countries. Sri Lanka also no exception to this problem due to the limited capacities of e-waste handling organisations in the country. Therefore, this study aims to develop a conceptual framework for effective e-waste management by integrating organisational capacities to improve the involvement of organisations for effective e-waste management. Initially, a comprehensive literature review was carried out on the state-of-art of the e-waste management, capacity buildings, and application of organisational capacities for e-waste management alike. The review of the literature revealed that there are eight dimensions to measure organisational capacities. They are mission and strategy, organisational structure, processes, human resources, financial resources, information resources, and infrastructure. The data collected from the literature review was manually analysed and finally, the conceptual framework was developed on organisational capacity buildings for effective e-waste management. The developed conceptual framework can be used as a guideline to implement organisational capacities for e-waste management. This framework will be a blueprint for individuals and organisations to incorporate dimensions of organisational capacity buildings to e-waste management by identifying the existing capacity gaps consequently, enhancing the organisational capacity for better managing the e-waste, especially in developing countries.


Azeem, A., Mallawarachchi, H., & Hemba Geekiyanage, M. (2019, November). Building organisational capacities for effective e-waste management: a conceptual framework. Presented at 8th World Construction Symposium, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Presentation Conference Type Other
Conference Name 8th World Construction Symposium
Conference Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Start Date Nov 8, 2019
End Date Nov 10, 2019
Publication Date Nov 1, 2019
Deposit Date Oct 12, 2022
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Additional Information Event Type : Conference