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An open environment for the specification, design and code generation of control algorithms

Bass, Julian



Proposals for an open, yet integrated, design environment to ease the design of complex process control systems are presented. A hierarchical approach to the allocation of computing resources is typically used in process control systems. The lower end of the hierarchy is characterised by large numbers of relatively simple controllers. Overall synchronisation and coordination along with information management functions are implemented at higher levels in the hierarchy. In general, embedded systems are computer-based systems which must respond to external stimuli within time scales determined by the external environment. Thus, process control systems can be seen as representative of the more distributed end of the spectrum of embedded systems. Such embedded systems are required to achieve ever more demanding behavioural, performance and safety requirements. Considerable effort is required to select optimal design solutions and ensure adherence to specified requirements. The proposed environment seeks to combine iterative and search/optimisation approaches to the design problem. Graphical modelling techniques are used for detailed analysis and to establish feasible design solutions. Integration of disparate detailed models, through co-simulation, is desirable to enable the resolution of conflicting trade-offs.


Bass, J. (1998). An open environment for the specification, design and code generation of control algorithms. .

Conference Name IEE Colloquium on Open Control in the Process and Manufacturing Indusgtries
Start Date May 15, 1998
End Date May 15, 1998
Online Publication Date Aug 6, 2002
Publication Date 1998
Deposit Date Dec 18, 2023
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers