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Signs of life (1999)
Digital Artefact
Knudsen, E. (1999). Signs of life

What happens when you want to die, but can't? What happens when you want to live, but can't? Sarah wanted to die - but didn't quite make it. Trapped in a body paralysed by immobility and silence, Sarah wants to live - but can't quite make it.... Read More about Signs of life.

Reunion (1995)
Digital Artefact
Knudsen, E. (1995). Reunion

Reunion is a creative documentary exploring spirituality and our perception of the spiritual. Using a mixture of fiction and documentary genres, archive footage and animation, we are directed to look once again at nature and our relationship to it, a... Read More about Reunion.

Santa Claus is coming to town (1991)
Digital Artefact
Bekerman, M. (1991). Santa Claus is coming to town. [Radio and YouTube]

A radio feature programme in the Polish language for children with information about the multicultural influences of the Santa Claus tradition and its origins with musical illustrations

One day Tafo (1991)
Digital Artefact
Knudsen, E. (1991). One day Tafo

One Day Tafo is a uniquely poetic film, transcending generally accepted form. Being half Danish, half Ghanaian - and thereby a consequence of a marriage of cultures - the filmmaker embarks on a spiritual exploration of what connects people and people... Read More about One day Tafo.

Alaba in London (Audio files)
Digital Artefact
Oyewale, A. Alaba in London (Audio files). [MP3 / AAC]

The accepted (as in approved) recording and the different home recordings of the item "Alaba in London", Depicting the time progressions of most of the composition materials before transfer to the studio for further works up to the final copy present... Read More about Alaba in London (Audio files).

Great British Railway Journeys
Digital Artefact
O'Reilly, C. Great British Railway Journeys

Armed with his early 20th-century Bradshaw’s Guide, Michael Portillo continues his journey from Warrington to the Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent. In Manchester, at the magnificent Heaton Park, Michael discovers one of the first open-air concerts was he... Read More about Great British Railway Journeys.

Heat or Eat Artwork
Digital Artefact
Fitton, R., Henshaw, G., & Dodson, G. Heat or Eat Artwork. [Artwork]

This piece of art was presented at the Openeye Gallery Exhibition Entitled "Are You Living Comfortably?"

Cambrai - die erste moderne Panzerschlacht?
Digital Artefact
Searle, D. Cambrai - die erste moderne Panzerschlacht?. [YouTube]

Public lecture, delivered at the Deutsches Panzermuseum, Munster, FRG, 4 September 2016 during the annual open day 'Stahl auf der Heide'.

The social life of I.T.
Digital Artefact
Ochu, E., & Ward, C. The social life of I.T. [HD digital Video]

Exploring the social and environmental impact of three projects, Uplands Rescue Resilience, Cloudmaker and Blupoint, supported by the RCUK Digital Economy IT as a Utility Network+.

The Family (English translation from the Kyrgyz language)
Digital Artefact
Bekerman, M., O'Mara, T., Randall, M., & Fisher, D. The Family (English translation from the Kyrgyz language). [A HD video film posted online]

A pilot TV social drama on the life of a Kyrgyz family trying to follow traditional cultural values but facing transitions from rural to urban life and the complexity of engaging in the modern world of the 21st century.

Myths and legends
Digital Artefact
Baker, B. (in press). Myths and legends. [CD]

A concept CD of new compositions by leading brass band composers of the 21st Century accompanied by Flowers Band and conducted by Paul Holland

Salute to Sousa
Digital Artefact
Baker, L. (in press). Salute to Sousa. [CD]

The first volume of a CD project highlighting research of forgotten trombone solos from the early period of the 14th century up until the American civil war period.

Novus Vox
Digital Artefact
Baker, L. (in press). Novus Vox. [CD]

A CD of trombone solos from relatively new composers associated with the Salvation Army Composers accompanied by a Salvation Army Brass Band.