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USIR Poster
Digital Artefact

Poster used in the University of Salford Institutional Repository promotion campaign. The poster introduces USIR and details contact numbers for further information.

Western Silence - Davis Film TP 2019
Digital Artefact
Lichtenfels, A., Zibell, J., Powell, T., & Churchill, J. Western Silence - Davis Film TP 2019. [Film]

Contextual statement: Western Silence is the result of two week-long devised filmmaking workshops between 2018 and 2020 based in London and California. The film connects the materiality of memory to the materiality of ecology, in particular askin... Read More about Western Silence - Davis Film TP 2019.

Digital Artefact
Lichtenfels, A., Powell, T., Zibell, J., & Churchill, J. Becky. [Film]

Contextual statement: Becky is a durational, score-based film. Stylistically, it aims to adapt the theatre work of Samuel Beckett for the cinema, whilst also drawing on peformance traditions such as the work of company Forced Entertainment. Eschew... Read More about Becky.

Weather Systems
Digital Artefact
Haffenden Cornejo, S. Weather Systems. [Audio]

WeatherSystems is a generative composition driven by 30 hours of weather data collected in the Lake District. Arduino sensors and Max/MSP captured, processed and quantised the data to trigger audio recordings and control different synthesis parame... Read More about Weather Systems.