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Allotment at Alte Aa
Physical Artefact
Randall, J. (2016). Allotment at Alte Aa. [Mixed Media]

Work created in Bocholt, Germany, for 'Open Spaces' international exhibition/Residency, , April 22nd -May 1st 2016.

Scrapbook (the story of things)
Physical Artefact
Carson, J., & Miller, R. (2009). Scrapbook (the story of things). [artists' book]

Published by Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections to coincide with Carson & Miller’s exhibition The Story of Things, this bookwork explores the artefacts held by Special Collections and the North West Film Archive. The result is a b... Read More about Scrapbook (the story of things).

Sea life balance
Physical Artefact
Rooney, J. Sea life balance. [Visual identity]

Visual identity created for the British Science Association to promote awareness of marine conservation

Physical Artefact
Lyons, K. (2007). Clasp. [sculpture]

The happy flyer
Physical Artefact
Shadbolt, R. The happy flyer. [Balsawood]

The Happy Flyer a balsa wood glider. In collaboration with and distributed quality retailers ranging from Urban Outfitters to MoMA design Shop to small boutique

Toxic garden
Physical Artefact
Randall, J. (2015). Toxic garden. [Sculpture]

This is a new sculpture installation work produced for the forthcoming exhibition, 'Aftermath' at Geevor Mine Museum, Cornwall in February 2016. It is composed in 25 parts, materials, vintage wallpaper, flock, model-making materials. It references p... Read More about Toxic garden.

The wild
Physical Artefact
Lawrence, M., & Kilpatrick, S. The wild. [DVD]

A short horror film with a soundtrack by Dr. Stephen Kilpatrick

Burl Ives radio documentary
Physical Artefact
Lee, C. (2009). Burl Ives radio documentary. [BBC Radio Four]

Burl Ives BBC Radio Four Documentary – Writer and presenter This programme explores the life, career and music of Burl Ives's including his co-operation with the 1950s anti-communist trials held by the House Un-American Activities Committee. B... Read More about Burl Ives radio documentary.

Virtual Amazon RainForest
Physical Artefact
Ali, U. (2019). Virtual Amazon RainForest. [Online]

Dr Umran Ali’s fully immersive virtual rainforest is modelled on the real Amazon rainforest. It is complete with a gentle breeze blowing through the tree’s and ferns. Gnats and insects inhabit the forest floor and the whole forest is visualised movi... Read More about Virtual Amazon RainForest.

Sculpture. Untitled.
Physical Artefact
Randall, J. (2016). Untitled. [Copper, recycled electrical cable, cellophane.]