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Reconstruction of sound fields with a spherical microphone array

Fernandez-Grande, E; Walton, T


E Fernandez-Grande

T Walton


Spherical microphone arrays are very well suited for sound field measurements in enclosures or interior spaces, and generally in acoustic environments where sound waves impinge on the array from multiple directions. Because of their directional properties, they make it possible to resolve sound waves traveling in any direction. In particular, rigid sphere microphone arrays are robust, and have the favorable property that the scattering introduced by the array can be compensated for-making the array virtually transparent. This study examines a recently proposed sound field reconstruction method based on a point source expansion, ie equivalent source method, using a rigid spherical array. The study examines the capability of the method to distinguish between sound waves arriving from different directions (ie, as a sound field separation method). This is representative of the potential of the method to perform sound field identification and visualization in non-anechoic spaces, and ultimately for general in-situ measurements.


Fernandez-Grande, E., & Walton, T. (in press). Reconstruction of sound fields with a spherical microphone array. NOISE-CON proceedings, 249(2), 5530-5537

Journal Article Type Article
Conference Name INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings
Conference Location Melbourne, Australia
Acceptance Date Oct 1, 2014
Deposit Date May 27, 2022
Journal INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings
Print ISSN 0736-2935
Volume 249
Issue 2
Pages 5530-5537
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Additional Information Event Type : Conference
Funders : The Danish Council for Independent Research DFF-FTP
Grant Number: FTP/0602-02340B

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