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Academic staff recruitment and selection in Sultanate of Oman : the case of Colleges of Technology in Ministry of Manpower

Al Muniri, K


K Al Muniri


S Sharifi


The focus of this research is on the recruitment and selection (R&S) practices and
processes used by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Colleges of Technology (CTs) in
Oman. The recent rapid expansion of these CTs has raised the required numbers of
academic staff from 250 in 1984 to 1600 in 2012. Given this major and rapid expansion
in the MOM CTs, a number of officials concerned have articulated concerns about the
quality of the R&S of academic staff. The main purpose of this study has been to
explore the practices and processes used to recruit and select these staff members. The
study was guided by a review of relevant literature, through which theories of
recruitment and selection were explored, in order to help in investigating the extent to
which academic staff recruitment and selection in the MOM CTs corresponded in
theory and practice with the good practice reported in the literature. In order to improve
the understanding of the R&S process as currently practised in the CTs and of the
contemporary experience of this process, the views of the officials concerned in relation
to these processes were explored, using a qualitative methodology. Forty-four semistructured
interviews were conducted with recruiters and directors in the MOM, with
deans, assistant deans, department heads and section heads in the CTs and with the
managers of recruitment agencies. The study makes two major findings. First, many of
the techniques and processes implemented in the R&S of academic staff in the MOM
CTs were found to deviate from those that have been effective elsewhere. The second
finding is that of a common feeling amongst the officials concerned that the recruitment
agencies which are currently delegated to recruit academic staff for the CTs do not do
so to the necessary professional standard. In addition, the study shows that there is a
lack of human resource planning in general and related to academic staff in particular in
the MOM CTs. The officials concerned were found to have a clear understanding that
there was a problem with the quality of the academic staff R&S process and to hold
firm views of what should be done in order to achieve the effective recruitment and
selection of such staff.


Al Muniri, K. Academic staff recruitment and selection in Sultanate of Oman : the case of Colleges of Technology in Ministry of Manpower. (Thesis). University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Jul 30, 2021
Award Date Jun 1, 2012

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