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Evaluation of the degree to which employee satisfaction is related to internal marketing within Pakistani universities

Mahmood, A


A Mahmood


T Conway

T Rahid

G Rembielak


Internal Marketing (IM) is a concept in which employees within organisations are treated as internal customers. This concept of internal marketing focuses on how an organisation serves the employees. In addition, internal marketing (IM) has evolved as a strategy in order to create employee satisfaction within the company. This is because when employees are treated as customers they become more committed, co-operative, enthusiastic and satisfied.
Employee job satisfaction is an essential element of internal marketing (IM). This is because employee’s understanding of their organization’s goals and activities help in meeting the required standards and establish successful relationships with external customers. Employee satisfaction towards their work uplifts their morale which in turn contribute significantly and positively to high-quality performance and external customer service. Therefore, internal Marketing (IM) is considered a continuous process and directly linked to employee satisfaction.
This research seeks to explore the concept of internal marketing (IM) and its relationship in developing satisfaction among employees of three targeted universities in Pakistan, Lahore. In this research, firstly, relevant literature is reviewed on relation between internal and external customer which leads to concept and development of internal marketing (IM). After that, in depth discussion of the models of internal marketing (IM), briefly leading to the development of a conceptual framework in the context of this research.
Later, it follows, to define employee satisfaction and its relationship with internal marketing (IM) comprehensively. Next, concept of internal marketing (IM) in higher education (HE) and justify the reasons of choosing three targeted universities in Pakistan. This helped in shaping the conceptual frame work, and to generate hypotheses to fulfil the objectives of this study, in terms of relationship between variables of internal marketing (IM) and employee job satisfaction.
Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) is used to test hypotheses using the non-parametric alternative, Spearman’s Rank Order Correlation (rho) to find significance of the above defined relationship and then Standard Multiple Regression was applied to find the Coefficient of Determination in order to observe the goodness of fit of the model.
The empirical research findings provide strong support for the hypothesized model; all hypotheses are supported and accepted. Statistically significant and positive correlations were found between all variables of internal marketing (IM) and employee job satisfaction in three targeted Pakistani universities. Future research can be built by considering other regions, industries, in different environment, backgrounds or cultural context to determine the unaffected impact of variables of internal marketing (IM) and its relationship with employee satisfaction.


Mahmood, A. Evaluation of the degree to which employee satisfaction is related to internal marketing within Pakistani universities. (Thesis). University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Aug 23, 2013
Publicly Available Date Aug 23, 2013


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