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A strategy for change in organisations : the use of internal consultants in organisation development

Lovelady, L


L Lovelady


J Hebden


This thesis investigates one strategy available to organisations
for implementing change. This is the strategy of Organisation
Development (O.D,) , which by definition includes the use of a
consultant to facilitate change.
The central objective of this research is to explore the role
and activities of the change consultant. This is done by generating
data on who fills the role and the intervention techniques
employed. The study uses an exploratory methodology to analyse
the activities of a group of O.D. consultants in depth and over
tine. Data is also collected on the organisations which are the
context of change.
Part 1 of this thesis (Chapters I - III) presents the objectives
of the research and reviews the literature on organisational change
and the role of the change consultant. Tne second part (Chapters
IV - VI) traces the development of the methodology and presents
the data on the background of the research. This part includes
the data on the organisational contexts and on the personal char-:
acteristics of the consultants themselves. Part 3 (Chapters VII -
XI) presents the data on the activities of the change consultants.
This section covers the data on the project activities, intervention
techniques and problems of the consultants. Part 3 also
analyses the data on the consultants and their activities against
the organisational context of their work. Tne final chapter ir.
this part examines the data on the practice of evaluation of the
outcomes of O.D. Part A (Chapter XII) draws together the
conclusions and themes emerging from the previous chapters.


Lovelady, L. A strategy for change in organisations : the use of internal consultants in organisation development. (Thesis). Salford : University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Oct 3, 2012
Award Date Jan 1, 1983

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