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Construction client and innovation : effect of client characteristics

Kulatunga, KJ


KJ Kulatunga


D Amaratunga


Clients or users of products, processes or services are being identified as potential
sources of innovation in research conducted in construction sector and other sectors
such as aviation and management consultancy. The recent literature has emphasised
the potential role that can be played by the construction client to promote innovation
in the industry, to overcome the criticism the construction industry face due to its
perceived lack of innovation despite having capabilities and potential. However, the
lack of knowledge on the desirable characteristics of construction client was
identified as one of the barriers for the construction client to be an effective
innovation promoter. This background drove the author to formulate a research with
the aim of "improving the role of the client in promoting innovation".
The multiple holistic case studies were used as the research strategy and semistructured
interviews were used as the principal data collection technique. The
primary data analysis techniques used for the study were content analysis and
cognitive mapping. The findings were analysed across cases and triangulated with
literature to consolidate findings
Based on the research findings it is concluded that client can increase the efficiency
of his/her own duties toward the construction process, stimulate team dynamics and
team action through the championing behaviour which intern can strengthen the
innovation process that lead to the innovative product. The interpersonal activities
such as being a team player and promoting respect for people, motivational activities
and informational activities such as knowledge and information dissemination are
recommended as constituent of the championing behaviour that promote innovation
in construction projects. Further, it is concluded that the personal (or organisational)
skills such as competence, value judgement, flexibility, and the self motivation will
energise the success of the championing behaviour


Kulatunga, K. Construction client and innovation : effect of client characteristics. (Thesis). Salford : University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Oct 3, 2012
Award Date Jan 1, 2008

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