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SPARC 2017 retrospect & prospects : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts

Abubaker, M; Al Somali, S; Broadley, R; Lawal, O; Obeng, JY; Khan, IM; Dinu, LI; Ohaeresaba, PIG; Langford, R; Al-Turki, RA; Qaisi, A; Chadwell, AEA; Costamagna, E; Alkarawi, KA; Gill, N; Aletaiby, A; Al-Jazaairry, A; Alogla, KD; Hammood, H; Tang, J; Al-Mukaram, NAR; Hussein, A; Mansour, F; Scaletta, KL; Adwick, S; Rufasha, E; Chuku, KI; Willcock, M; Tyler, N; Oseki, PE; Al-Wasity, A; Fakhrudeen, A; Al-Falahy, NFA; Al-doori, Q; Iredale, S; Khalil, A; Stein, M; Robertson, S; Iliyasu, U; Adeleke, AH; Okudolor, AG; Abuzukhar, M; Muhammad, M; Danjuma, AD; Ogunoye, OF; Ward, L; Bozzi, N; Oni, O; Owoeye, A; Ayadurai, C; Chang, C-C; Temile, SO; Mtonga, VJ; Fajemidagba, A; Almojahed, A; Khan, A; Harvey, VM; Al-Aaloosi, AB; Dang, B; Abba, MK; Fawkes, R; Mohammed, R; Hart, AM; Jones, LA; Hornby, S; Xu, D; Stoddart, K; Gabr, M; Frigenti, PP; Higgins, RN; Al-ani, A; Ali, A; Pace, A; Stan, DM; Al-Murshedi, S; Akarem, A; Monk, A; Hudson, A; Almania, A; Alhamaidah, A; Alshaeri, A; Qasim, A; Eshenshan...

SPARC 2017 retrospect & prospects : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts Thumbnail


M Abubaker

S Al Somali

R Broadley

O Lawal

JY Obeng

IM Khan

LI Dinu

PIG Ohaeresaba

R Langford

RA Al-Turki

A Qaisi

AEA Chadwell

E Costamagna

KA Alkarawi

N Gill

A Aletaiby

A Al-Jazaairry

KD Alogla

H Hammood

J Tang

NAR Al-Mukaram

A Hussein

F Mansour

KL Scaletta

S Adwick

E Rufasha

KI Chuku

M Willcock

N Tyler

PE Oseki

A Al-Wasity

A Fakhrudeen

NFA Al-Falahy

Q Al-doori

S Iredale

A Khalil

M Stein

S Robertson

U Iliyasu

AH Adeleke

AG Okudolor

M Abuzukhar

M Muhammad

AD Danjuma

OF Ogunoye

L Ward

N Bozzi

O Oni

A Owoeye

C Ayadurai

C-C Chang

SO Temile

VJ Mtonga

A Fajemidagba

A Almojahed

A Khan

VM Harvey

AB Al-Aaloosi

B Dang

MK Abba

R Fawkes

R Mohammed

AM Hart

LA Jones

D Xu

K Stoddart

M Gabr

PP Frigenti

A Al-ani

A Ali

A Pace

DM Stan

S Al-Murshedi

A Akarem

A Monk

A Hudson

A Almania

A Alhamaidah

A Alshaeri

A Qasim

A Eshenshani

A Zaeim

A Alshammari

B Alawfi

B Allarakia

C Nimoh

C Jones

DE Butler

D Tate

DA Yaseen

E Corry

E Barrow

HN Akangbou

INA Al-ibadi

J Hall

J Kevill

JC Oko Uka

K Abdalla

K Odufuwa

LD Perrin

M Hakeem

M Jones

MS Eshlak

M Rajab

MS Albelazi

N Hadgraft

N Tomar

M Al Ruwaili

O Uwagie-Ero

O Enya

A Oyewale

P Martin

P Demonte

P Stevens

P Panwar

R Heale

RM Doroh

S Al-Shammari

S Almuktar

TJ O'Regan

W Bakare

W Farren

J Gou

D Davis

S Mollasalehi

LO Fagbola

AA Joel

M Takhtravanchi


Welcome to the Book of Abstracts for the 2017 SPARC conference. This year we not only celebrate the work of our PGRs but also the 50th anniversary of Salford as a University, which makes this year’s conference extra special. Once again we have received a tremendous contribution from our postgraduate research community; with over 130 presenters, the conference truly showcases a vibrant PGR community at Salford. These abstracts provide a taster of the research strengths of their works, and provide delegates with a reference point for networking and initiating critical debate. With such wide-ranging topics being showcased, we encourage you to exploit this great opportunity to engage with researchers working in different subject areas to your own. To meet global challenges, high impact research inevitably requires interdisciplinary collaboration. This is recognised by all major research funders. Therefore engaging with the work of others and forging collaborations across subject areas is an essential skill for the next generation of researchers.


Abubaker, M., Al Somali, S., Broadley, R., Lawal, O., Obeng, J., Khan, I., …Takhtravanchi, M. (2017). SPARC 2017 retrospect & prospects : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts. Salford, UK: University of Salford

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Jun 1, 2017
Deposit Date Sep 20, 2017
Publicly Available Date Sep 20, 2017
ISBN 9781907842986
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