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Synthesis non-sugar GAG mimetics

Wisniewska, Agnieszka

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Agnieszka Wisniewska



The Met receptor is a well-known motility, metastasis, and apoptosis modulator within
human cells. Its activity is known to be accelerated in cancer cells. Its activation has been
found to be co-dependent on the attachment of the hepatocyte growth factor ligand. The
cofactor site, binding glycosaminoglycan molecules within the ligand, has been found to be
crucial for the activity of the Met receptor. The approach to modulate the activity of Met by
synthesising the molecules able to competitively bind to the cofactor side is known in the
current literature. Two new synthetic routes to develop novel non-sugar GAG mimetics are
presented within the project. The first proposed route, with a 5-membered ring system as a
core, could not be completed due to synthetic problems and low yields of reactions, however,
the second route, using cyclohexenes as a central structure, was completed. Further
characterisation of the resulting compounds was advised. Also, after the completion of
purification and analytical work, to fully evaluate the pharmacophore within the resulting
compounds a biological assay-wound healing assay is advised.


Wisniewska, A. (2023). Synthesis non-sugar GAG mimetics. (Thesis). University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Dec 3, 2023
Publicly Available Date Jan 10, 2024
Award Date Dec 8, 2023


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