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Scaling Laws in Progressive Collapse Studies

Elkady, Nada; Augusthus-Nelson, Levingshan; Weekes, Laurence


Nada Elkady

Laurence Weekes


This state-of-the-art study introduces an innovative approach employing scaling laws to facilitate the utilisation of small-scale models in progressive collapse experimentation. It evaluates the quasi-static behaviour of scaled beam-column sub-assemblies, utilising a geometric scaling ratio of 1:4 to simulate column loss scenarios, which were subsequently validated against a full-scale prototype. The findings derived from the scaled models demonstrate a strong correlation with the prototype data, thus affirming the successful applicability of scaling laws in progressive collapse investigations. The application of this concept can help accelerate the experimental research of progressive collapse due to its expedited and cost-effective nature and thus help reshape the current understanding of progressive collapse effectively.


Elkady, N., Augusthus-Nelson, L., & Weekes, L. (in press). Scaling Laws in Progressive Collapse Studies.

Conference Name 78th RILEM Annual Week & RILEM International Conference on Sustainable Materials & Structures: Meeting the major challenges of the 21st century - SMS 2024
Conference Location Toulouse, France
Start Date Aug 25, 2024
End Date Aug 30, 2024
Acceptance Date Jun 4, 2024
Deposit Date Jun 7, 2024
Publisher URL