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PhD in Business Management
Doctor of Philosophy

Level Doctor of Philosophy
Student Mrs Katherine Rostron
Status Complete
Part Time Yes
Years 2013 - 2023
Project Title Exploring Hybridity in Social Enterprise Organisations in Greater Manchester, UK
Project Description Research conducted in social enterprise organisations (SEs) across Greater Manchester, UK. It aimed to understand how hybridity manifests within SEs and to explore the nature of hybridity within organisations. A review of the literature identified a vibrant intellectual field of research with ongoing interest in hybridity in SEs. An in-depth qualitative methodology was chosen within the realist paradigm, including two case studies and a set of interviews. Research was undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic and the thesis includes notes on how the fieldwork was adapted during this period. Research provides an insight into hybridity and the two organisational logics within hybrid organisations. Findings relate to hybridity as part of SEs identity, strategy and disfunction. This study simultaneously identifies a deficit of readiness to adopt solutions offered in the literature, including low awareness of hybridity, and evidence of potential for SEs to ‘get ready’ with appropriate preparation, including developing awareness of hybridity and strong hybrid identity. Recommendations are made for further research in the field and practical advice is offered to SEs. 
Second Supervisor Vicki Harvey