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Post Nominals PhD, MA (Econ), BA (Cantab) CQSW
Biography Ian Cummins qualified as a probation officer and also subsequently as a mental health social worker and ASW. His research in the areas of policing and mental health, poverty, race and mental health, the failure of community care policies and the impact of managerialism can be traced back to that period. He has written extensively about mental health policy and broader social work issues related to inequality and poverty. He has appeared on Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed and the BBC World Service to discuss his work. In another area of his work, Ian has explored the modern media's relationship with serial killing. Ian is a member of the Editorial Board and Associate Editor (Mental Health) for the Journal Adult Protection
Research Interests The history of community care
Policing and mental health
Mass incarceration
True crime
Penal Policy
Poverty and welfare policy
The New Left