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Mrs Rincy Sajith

Biography Rincy Joined University of Salford in 2019 as a Lecturer in Nursing. Prior to joining the university she worked at NHS as a Diabetes specialist nurse, research nurse manager, practice based educator and in many other roles. Rincy completed 4-years BSc (Hons) Nursing from All India Institute of Medical sciences, New Delhi, India, where she is registered as a nurse and a midwife. She completed a Masters in Advanced nursing studies from University of Manchester and postgraduate certificate in Academic practice from University of Salford.
Member ships include
DAFNE - Credentialed Diabetes Educator Training Programme UK
NIHR Good Clinical Practice facilitator Development Programme National Institute of Health Research UK
Upahaar volunteer for stem cell donation
Research Experience:
• Senior clinical research experience: leadership and line management to a team of research nurses, lead clinical trials and academic research, perform study feasibility assessments, attend investigators meeting national and international, monitor protocol adherence, streamline recruitment and retention of participants, adhering to GCP standards throughout the study conduct including consent and documentation, preparing costing templates, assessing study intensities, ethics and R&D approvals, working with service users and ensuring their participation is valued, collaborating with pharmaceutical companies, CRA’s and other stakeholders, meeting the NIHR recruitment targets, providing research spoke placements to students, reporting adverse events, maintaining master study files and staff and student training. From 2008 to 2016 across diabetes and renal research.
• NIHR Good Clinical Practice (GCP) research facilitator (2014 to 2016)
• Landmark study in renal called EQUAL study -many publications have acknowledged me as coinvestigator.
• Self-Monitoring of blood glucose in patients with non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes: A critical analysis of the evidence, policy and practice and future research needs-- MSc dissertation, Manchester University 2013
• Creating a Model for nurse leadership in the multidisciplinary management of diabetic foot complications in Uganda and Tanzania. I work as a co-investigator on this project using my subject expertise in diabetes and research skills. started from April 2023.
• Shared reflection-Sajith, R (2022). Erasmus visit to Helsinki. International Nurses’ Day: Our global contribution | University of Salford
• Sajith, R (2022) Experience of enabling Student nurse’s success during the pandemic. Oral presentation - EYE ON TAMK -international event at Tampere (Finland ), ERASMUS 4th to 8th April 2022
• Volunteer speaker for Diabetes UK
• Jinadev, P., Inglott, K., Sajith, R., Rao-Balakrishna, R. and Davies, R. (2013) Mortality in patients with diabetes in a tertiary teaching hospital, Manchester Foundation Trust, & Diabetes UK Conference
• Jinadev, P., Kearney, G., Quinn, S., Sajith, R., Rao-Balakrishna, R. and Maresh, M (2013). Glycaemic control in women with diabetes in pregnancy on betamethasone therapy. Manchester Foundation Trust. & Diabetes UK Conference
• Sajith, R (2013) Self-Monitoring of blood glucose in patients with non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes: A critical analysis of the evidence, policy and practice and future research needs. Unpublished MSc dissertation, Manchester Uni University.
• Live webinar - Scope of Diabetes specialist nursing to showcase the scope of nursing practice in UK. Presentation to newly joined international nurses, published on YouTube by the organisers Meet and Gain.
• Live webinar - Society of Cardiac Nurses Association in India in with CBS publishers to promote advance nursing roles in India from a UK perspective-theme internationalisation of nursing- available on YouTube. Nursing Next Live presents 7th Webinar of the series in association with SOCN & NTA (
• The power of reciprocity blog post. The Power of Reciprocity – MMA Blog (
International Presence:
• WHO initiated workforce planning action learning set with South Africa last year and Kenya this year (working with Naomi Sharples and Prof Jane MacAdam)
• Involved in building student exchange programme with India (with Naomi Sharples).
• Presented year on year online webinars to support international nurses as part of the Kerala Nurses group.
• Member of Upahaar charity arranging stem cell donor campaigns along with DKMS, recently invited to Westminster by Hon Seema Malhotra MP, as a token of appreciation and appreciation for the contributions.
Research Interests Diabetes in general
Structured education in diabetes and the role of education and frugal innovations in preventing/delaying complications of Diabetes
Problematic hypoglycemia
The impact of lifestyle changes especially exercise in type 2 diabetes
Fear of Hypoglycemia in patients with Type 1 diabetes and the impacts
Precision medicine in diabetes
Teaching and Learning Programme leader for Msc Diabetes care
Teaching across 3 modules in Diabetes
Future nurse curriculum year 2 teaching-Evidence based interventional nursing and Field specific care needs.
Personal tutor for undergraduate nursing students.