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Biography Jamie is a Chartered Psychologist and a Lecturer in Psychology within the School of Health and Society. Jamie currently leads the BSc (Hons) Psychology of Sport Programme and teaches across topics on individual differences, cognitive psychology and sport and exercise psychology. Jamie is an active researcher and his expertise lie in the psychology of performance under pressure, around the areas of stress and emotion, challenge and threat states, social identity, and social support.

As an active and published researcher, Jamie is interested in the psychophysiological reactions to a pressured situation (e.g., sporting performance, exams, presentations, interviews), and how we can use research findings to help develop better coping strategies. As part of Jamie’s doctoral research, he used psychophysiological testing methods in the laboratory to examine how individuals respond to stressful situations. Specifically, exploring how social factors can influence the stress response. Jamie is also currently co-supervising two PhD students at an external institution.

Jamie has delivered sport psychology workshops to a wide range of audiences and has provided psychological support to athletes across a variety of team and individual sports.
Research Interests Stress and Emotion, Challenge and Threat States, Social Identity, Social Support, Psychophysiology
Teaching and Learning Programme Leader:
BSc (Hons) Psychology of Sport

Module Leader:
L4 Psychology of Exercise & Health
L5 Behavior Change
L5 Individual Differences (co-lead)

Module Tutor:
L4 Academic Tutor
L5 Cognitive Psychology
L5 Further Biopsychology and Cognition
L5 Individual Differences
L6 Dissertation Supervision