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Post Nominals BSc (Hons), DNDM, DRCS, NMP, MPhil, PhD, SFHEA, PFHEA, NTF, FFPCEd.
Biography Professor Bhuvaneswari Bibleraaj (Krishnamoorthy) completed her PhD on the Vein Integrity Clinical Outcome (VICO) trial funded by a personal doctoral fellowship from the National institute of Health Research (NIHR) (£276k) and won the best doctoral student of the year from the University of Manchester. She joined Edge Hill university in 2017 where she continued to work and develop the MSc surgical practice for 12 surgical practices. In addition, she worked with various surgical companies, Association of Cardiothoracic Surgical Care Practitioner (ACTSCP), Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS), Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh to develop surgical teaching, standardising the surgical practitioner’s curriculum and delivered a range of postgraduate teaching programmes on surgery/research methods, evidence-based practice and clinical outcomes in healthcare. She was appointed as a Professor of Nursing/surgical practice at the University of Salford in September 2023 to develop international clinical research working group, develop research awareness among hard-to-reach professionals and Black Asian Minority Ethnicity groups.
Research Interests She has contributed in three highly rated papers to REF 2021 (two independently rated 3* and one rated 4*). She has published 98% as a first author. Her research interests focus on clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness in cardiothoracic surgery patients. She has completed ten clinical trials and published in high impact journals. She is currently working on developing a structured training programme for keyhole conduit harvesting in cardiac surgery. She has published more than 30 papers in high quality peer-reviewed journals. Her publications have influenced national guidelines, has impact on other surgical specialities (mainly through training) and changed patient care. She has supervised ranging from BSc (Hons), MD, MCh to PhD level with students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. She is a third women from the Edge Hill university to participate in the “Wonder Women” series hosted by the NHS R&D Northwest and as evidence of clinical academic esteem through key national leadership roles.
Teaching and Learning Clinical academic career:
She strongly believes in clinical academic career which is like a triangle of fire. Clinical, teaching and research are linked together which supports the healthcare practitioners to learn, develop, conduct and provide best evidence-based care. She insists that working across three organisations (University of Salford, Manchester Foundation Trust and other associations) taught her a lot about ethos of different types of learners, cultural differences and different teaching/research environments. At the start of her career, it was challenging to manage, learn and teach as each organisation has a different ethos and mission. However, using her skills, that she learnt during her Senior Fellow, Principal Fellowship and National Teaching Fellowship in Higher Education Academy has developed her own unique strategies and standards. It is vital for academics and clinical staff to work across the organisations to develop best educational curriculum and high-quality research studies which has direct impact on patient care and student education.

Leadership: She has 15 years’ experience in a senior leadership role in the National Health Service as a lead Surgical Care Practitioner, 05 years’ experience as a National President for Association of Cardiothoracic Surgical Practitioners and 03 years’ experience as a National chair for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (2019) in the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Three years as a National educational NAHP lead for the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. These roles have influenced more than 3000 nurses and allied health professionals across Great Britain. She has developed many educational curriculum/competency-based portfolios nationally and internationally. She was an executive member for developing the MSc surgical practice curriculum on the Royal College of Surgeons England/Edinburgh bicolligate project (2022) and developed a Managing Voluntary Register for the Surgical Care Practitioner in the GB with the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh to standardise the working regulations of surgical care practitioners. Teaching: She is the first Indian woman from the nursing community to receive the award of Faculty Fellow of Perioperative Practice from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh for her surgical teaching across the world. She has been an external examiner for the University of Plymouth and lead PhD examiner for Kings College of London. Her breadth of knowledge, aspiration to promote interprofessional education, standardising the surgical curriculum among healthcare practitioners all contributed to her winning the prestigious “Farquharson award 2021” from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. She took the lead, planned and designed the learning needs for each individual student for the book (Cardiothoracic manual for perioperative practice (IBSN:9781905539482) and donated all profits to a charity that funds disadvantaged students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies, such as a PhD.