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n-type chalcogenides by ion implantation

Hughes, MA; Fedorenko, Y; Gholipour, B; Yao, J; Lee, TH; Gwilliam, RM; Homewood, KP; Hinder, S; Hewak, DW; Elliott, SR; Curry, RJ

n-type chalcogenides by ion implantation Thumbnail


Y Fedorenko

B Gholipour

J Yao

TH Lee

RM Gwilliam

KP Homewood

S Hinder

DW Hewak

SR Elliott

RJ Curry


Carrier-type reversal to enable the formation of semiconductor p-n junctions is a prerequisite
for many electronic applications. Chalcogenide glasses are p-type semiconductors and their
applications have been limited by the extraordinary difficulty in obtaining n-type conductivity.
The ability to form chalcogenide glass p-n junctions could improve the performance of
phase-change memory and thermoelectric devices and allow the direct electronic control of
nonlinear optical devices. Previously, carrier-type reversal has been restricted to the GeCh
(Ch¼S, Se, Te) family of glasses, with very high Bi or Pb ‘doping’ concentrations (B5–11
at.%), incorporated during high-temperature glass melting. Here we report the first n-type
doping of chalcogenide glasses by ion implantation of Bi into GeTe and GaLaSO amorphous
films, demonstrating rectification and photocurrent in a Bi-implanted GaLaSO device.
The electrical doping effect of Bi is observed at a 100 times lower concentration than for Bi
melt-doped GeCh glasses.


Hughes, M., Fedorenko, Y., Gholipour, B., Yao, J., Lee, T., Gwilliam, R., …Curry, R. (2014). n-type chalcogenides by ion implantation. Nature communications, 5, 5346.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Sep 22, 2014
Publication Date Nov 7, 2014
Deposit Date Nov 10, 2015
Publicly Available Date Apr 5, 2016
Journal Nature Communications
Print ISSN 2041-1723
Electronic ISSN 2041-1723
Volume 5
Pages 5346
Publisher URL
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Additional Information Funders : Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Grant Number: EP/I018417/1, EP/I019065/1 and EP/I018050/1


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