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Algeria's foreign policy 1979-1992 : continuity and/or change

Bougherira, MR


MR Bougherira


MS Alexander


This study analyses Algeria's foreign policy under the leadership of President Chadli Bendjadid from February 1979 until January 1992. Its aim is to investigate the extent of continuity and/or change in Algeria's foreign policy during this period. The central finding of this thesis is that "change within continuity" best describes what characterised Algeria's foreign policy under the post-1979 leadership.
This thesis is divided into two parts. The First Part is composed of four chapters. Chapter One relates theoretical approaches. It examines whether or not there is a satisfactory approach that can be applied for our case study. In the same chapter, the making of Algeria's foreign policy is scrutinised through the identification and topological analysis of the key factors in the conceptualisation and implementation of Algeria's foreign policy. It also uncovers who makes Algerian foreign policy. Chapter Two identifies the guiding principles behind the formulation of Algerian foreign policy. In this chapter, reference to the FLN's past diplomatic activities is reviewed as it serves to provide a significant understanding of the context within which the fundamental principles of the policy pursued by contemporary Algeria were shaped, defined and set as the official framework for Algeria's foreign policy. Chapter Three deals with Algeria's foreign policy behaviour from 1962 to the end of 1978. A clear understanding of post-1979 Algerian foreign policy needs to rest on a review of how Algeria's foreign policy was determined and implemented in the years preceding this period and what were the dominant issues of the country's foreign policy at the time of Bendjadid's appointment.

The Second Part comprises three chapters. It considers Bendjadid's leadership by exploring a number of issues/areas that came to be the focus of his government's external policy. Chapter Four relates to Algeria's policy towards it proximate neighbouring countries -Morocco-Tunisia-Libya-and the more distant Mashreq. This chapter suggests that the Western Sahara remained the central thrust of Algeria's Maghreb policy, just as it had been in the last years of Houari Boumediene's tenure (1975-1978).


Bougherira, M. Algeria's foreign policy 1979-1992 : continuity and/or change. (Thesis). Salford : University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Oct 3, 2012
Award Date Jan 1, 1999

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