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Super-Duper Objects

Tait, Angela



Angela Tait is a sculptor who works primarily in the medium of clay. She is interested in both the sculptural possibilities of ceramics and where it fits into our everyday domestic lives.
In her paper ‘Craft as Aesthetic Position’ (2011), curator and theorist Louise Mazanti describes a discrete genre of object which sits between the autonomous art object and functional design – in other words, between art and life. She calls these Super Objects because they have ‘super layers’ of meaning via their unique conceptual position of that in-between place.
Through her recent practice, Angela proposes an expanded notion of the Super Object. One which uses the fundamental processes of ceramic production to make vessels that are punctuated by chance and autobiographical elements. Super-Duper Objects are obscure, non-functional and playful. They adopt found objects and elements of chintz from everyday life, whilst exploiting the unique characteristics of clay.
For this show, Angela has produced several new collections of work.
Smalls (2022) is a development of a performance first shown at the International Ceramics Festival in 2021. Smalls is part of an ongoing investigation into things which go ‘round. An exploration of the repetitive nature of both domestic chores and ceramics production.
Super-Duper Objects are collections of thrown or extruded porcelain and stoneware vessels that allude to, but ultimately deny function. These works suggest alternative narratives through the use of found objects, embroidered elements and imagery reminiscent of ceramic kitsch.
Angela lives and works in the North West of England. She holds a PhD in Art and Design from the University of Sunderland and lectures on the BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Salford.


Tait, A. Super-Duper Objects. [Mixed-Media Ceramics]. Exhibited at Salford Museum and Gallery. 29 April 2023 - 10 September 2023. (Unpublished)

Exhibition Performance Type Exhibition
Start Date Apr 29, 2023
End Date Sep 10, 2023
Deposit Date May 30, 2023
Keywords ceramics ceramicsexhibition mixedmediaceramics experimentalceramics expandedceramics sculpture ceramicsculpture

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