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Additive manufacturing technology adoption in the upstream supply chain of the Nigerian oil and gas industry

Onyeabo, Veronica


Veronica Onyeabo



Additive Manufacturing (AM) has grown in popularity and advancement in academic research and industrial application, and benefits to supply chain are well documented, yet the technology appears relatively new to Oil and Gas (O&G) sectors, especially in Nigeria. Dwindling price of oil and volatility, high cost of operation, high competition, environmental pollution, complexity of drilling and production processes are current challenges faced by the upstream sector of O&G industries for which AM adoption could add value to its operations and mitigate some of these challenges.
However, AM has received little or no empirical research attention in Nigeria. This study explored AM technology adoption in the Nigerian Oil and Gas (O&G) industry upstream chain adopting a case study research strategy using four cases consisting of upstream supplier O&G companies. Data collection via semi-structured interviews and review of documents were analysed using qualitative content analysis. Cross-case analysis improved the transparency and consistency of themes emerging across the four case companies regarding AM adoption process found to be at an early stage in Nigeria with third-party adoption, and centralised mode at the international headquarters. Major findings were technological, organisational, and environmental enablers and barriers to adoption in O&G industries in Nigeria and perceived benefits of the adoption of AM technology were shortening the supply chain and reduction in inventory and logistics.
Research design shaped development of a conceptual Model for Adoption of AM Technology in Nigerian O&G Industry supply chain extending theories and models and contributing to the body of scientific research. This study contributes knowledge to inform the adoption and practice of AM technology adoption in the O&G sector in Nigeria by reporting process and approaches and informing decision making. Exposition of the wide-ranging factors (technological, organisational, and environmental) facilitating and inhibiting AM adoption point to the need for collaborative approach in AM adoption for effective AM adoption in O&G upstream supply chain in Nigeria. The proposed model of adoption of AM technology in the O&G industry has implications for the creation of new areas in supply chain management as well as expansion in the engineering sector.


Onyeabo, V. (2024). Additive manufacturing technology adoption in the upstream supply chain of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. (Thesis). University of Salford

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Apr 18, 2024
Publicly Available Date Apr 26, 2026
Keywords Additive Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Supply Chain
Award Date Apr 25, 2024


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