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Hegel's Dialectic of Determinism in the Neolithic Sonorous (2024)
Presentation / Conference
Vivian, P. (2024, March). Hegel's Dialectic of Determinism in the Neolithic Sonorous. Paper presented at Drawing Conversations 5 - What and Where is Home, University for the Creative Arts

Hegel’s Dialectic of Determinism in the Neolithic Sonorous Through the framing of drawing as a form of extraction and home as an assumed space of connection that is permanently influx. This proposal reflects on my own research regarding the sono... Read More about Hegel's Dialectic of Determinism in the Neolithic Sonorous.

Megalithic stone animism and sonorous potential (2023)
Presentation / Conference
Vivian, P. (2023, July). Megalithic stone animism and sonorous potential. Paper presented at Sound and Photography, Tate Liverpool

The paper documents recent work across megalithic sites in the UK relating to recorded sounds from the 4-5000 year old stones within these sites.

Select Dream (2020)
Exhibition / Performance
Vivian, P. (2020). Select Dream. [Billboard Public Art]. 1 August 2020. (Unpublished)

Select Dream aims to bring local artists from the south coast (and the surrounding areas) together for a temporary street level exhibition. The exhibition will wrap around the ground floor window display areas of the old Knight & Lee department store... Read More about Select Dream.

Those who look out and those who look back (2020)
Exhibition / Performance
Vivian, P., & Eldret, L. Those who look out and those who look back. [Exhibtion]. 1 March 2020. (Unpublished)

We humans consume the sea through objects and images – souvenirs, leisurewear, watercolours – as if to tame it. But it looks back, fiercely. Swelling and rolling, it carries precarious communities of humans in an embrace that is both nurturing and di... Read More about Those who look out and those who look back.

Performing interventions : creative spatial interruptions (2020)
Book Chapter
Vivian, P. (2020). Performing interventions : creative spatial interruptions. In L. Campbell (Ed.), Leap into Action Companion - Critical Performative Pedagogies in Art and Design. London: Peter Lang Publishing.

This chapter shares the practice and objectives of the second project component of the Contemporary Exhibition Practice unit for second-year students of the BA Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts, an arts, business and design University... Read More about Performing interventions : creative spatial interruptions.

Perpetual Shift (2019)
Exhibition / Performance
Vivian, P. (2019). Perpetual Shift. 10 November 2019. (Unpublished)

The 14 artists in Perpetual Shift, a one-day group show, share the connection of fleeting or shifting appearances, with an undercurrent of psychedelic experience. This experience is akin to Aldous Huxley’s understanding of the psychedelic (The Doors... Read More about Perpetual Shift.

Allhallowtide (2019)
Exhibition / Performance
Vivian, P. (2019). Allhallowtide. 31 October 2019 - 3 November 2019. (Unpublished)

“Allhallowtide’ A group exhibition for the triduum of Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day Curated by Kate Street & Rhys Trussler Private View: Thurs 31st October 5 – 8pm Open: Fri 1st, Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd Nov 11am – 4pm ‘I shall... Read More about Allhallowtide.

Absinthe 3 (2019)
Exhibition / Performance
Fraser, B., Mills, C., Capper, J., & Vivian, P. (2019). Absinthe 3. 7 September 2019 - 14 September 2019. (Unpublished)

Absinthe. Curious love of the sordid and the extravagant. Muse of the weird, twisted and eerie. Throughout its short history, absinthe has passed from antiseptic to vermicide, honorary salute to morphological being. It is ghostly and mutinous. It is... Read More about Absinthe 3.

The disturbance of images (2018)
Book Chapter
Vivian, P. (2018). The disturbance of images. In E. McInnes, & D. Schaub (Eds.), What Happened? Re-presenting Traumas, Uncovering Recoveries (68-81). Leiden, Boston: Brill.

This study explores the appropriation of images, their fracture and unmaking in relation to the practice of collage. It attempts to identify a means of articulating the relationship of trauma occurring within an image, a trauma that results from the... Read More about The disturbance of images.

Professional practice : 20 questions (2016)
Book Chapter
Vivian, P. (2016). Professional practice : 20 questions. In J. Allen, & S. Rowles (Eds.), Q ART Presents : Professional Practice: 20 Questions - Interviews with UK Undergraduate Fine Art Staff Exploring How Students are Prepared for Life after Art School. London, England: Q Art

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: 20 QUESTIONS – Interviews with UK undergraduate Fine Art staff exploring how students are prepared for life after art school. Interviews collected and edited by Jo Allen and Sarah Rowles When it comes to an undergraduate f... Read More about Professional practice : 20 questions.

Dappled Light
Exhibition / Performance
Vivian, P. (2021). Dappled Light. (Unpublished)

Dappled light was part of a project instigated by More than Ponies an art-led project based in the New Forest. The project explored ideas around the village hall as a communal space. Set within Woodgreen Village Hall the project included Paul Vivian,... Read More about Dappled Light.

Apropos of Aesthetics
Exhibition / Performance
Vivian, P. (2020). Apropos of Aesthetics. [VR online space]. (Unpublished)

Apropos of Aesthetics is a VR project based around curated by Arron Hansford featuring ten international artists including Paul Vivian.

Touch Me
Exhibition / Performance
Vivian, P. (2020). Touch Me. [Online Space]. (Unpublished)

Online project with 51 UK and International Artists curated by Veronika Neukirch