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Biography Dr. Krysten Blackstone completed her undergraduate, MSc and PhD at the University of Edinburgh and has worked at Salford since 2022. She is a social and military historian of Early America. Her current work examines the morale of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783. Her research is concerned with enlisted soldiers and utilises soldiers' narratives of the conflict, primarily diaries, to illuminate the diversity of soldiers’ lived experiences. She has previously taught across history and politics departments at The University of Edinburgh, Durham University and Bishop Grosseteste University. Krysten has associate fellowship with the Higher Education Academy and is an associate fellow of the Royal Historical Society. She also is the assistant to the book review editors for the Journal of American Studies (Cambridge University Press).

She would be happy to supervise dissertations or PhDs on any subjects relating to Early America, the United States, print culture, memory studies, early modern and modern social or military history.
Research Interests Areas of Research: Social and Military History, United States History, Narratives of Conflict, Memory Studies

Current Project: My research is an interdisciplinary history of the Continental Army that analyses the myriad factors that sustained and inhibited the morale of ordinary soldiers. As morale is socially and culturally dictated, evaluating morale allows for a bottom-up study, that uncovers what soldiers thought about their experiences. My research touches upon social, cultural, and gender history through a close reading of soldiers’ print culture, primarily diaries. It seeks to reinvigorate the voices of the of the presumed ‘inarticulate’, which have been underutilised in the historiography.
Teaching and Learning Introduction to Contemporary Military History 1 & 2 (Level 4)
Age of Revolutions (Level 5)
US Political History (Level 5)
Themes and Theories of War (Level 5)
Researching in History (Level 5)
American Conflict in History and Memory (Level 6)
Strategic Studies (MA)