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Proceedings of the Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC) 2011

Aljunaidy, MM; Al Azawi, W; Al Ghazali, FAM; Al Jameel, H; Al Rawahi, M; Berlin, J; Demetriou, K; Darlington, J; Demir, ST; Doran, C; Egbu, JU; Elagili, GY; Elferjani, M; Elmagri, MI; Elmsallati, NA; Griffiths, L; Hamlyn, CP; Hardman, M; Kiddy, PA; Khashkhush, AS; Masrilayanti, M; Mohamed, MII; Morrison, SA; Mwenesongole, E; Opoku, A; Ozmen, ES; ur Rehman, S; Rigby, MJ; Yates, MT; Yusufu, AS; Lord, JD

Proceedings of the Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC) 2011 Thumbnail


MM Aljunaidy

W Al Azawi

FAM Al Ghazali

H Al Jameel

M Al Rawahi

J Berlin

K Demetriou

J Darlington

ST Demir

C Doran

JU Egbu

GY Elagili

M Elferjani

MI Elmagri

NA Elmsallati

L Griffiths

CP Hamlyn

M Hardman

PA Kiddy

AS Khashkhush

M Masrilayanti

MII Mohamed

SA Morrison

E Mwenesongole

A Opoku

ES Ozmen

S ur Rehman

MJ Rigby

AS Yusufu


These proceedings bring together a selection of papers from the 2011 Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference(SPARC). It includes papers from PhD students in the arts and social sciences, business, computing, science and engineering, education, environment, built environment and health sciences. Contributions from Salford researchers are published here alongside papers from students at the Universities of Anglia Ruskin, Birmingham City, Chester,De Montfort, Exeter, Leeds, Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores and Manchester.


Aljunaidy, M., Al Azawi, W., Al Ghazali, F., Al Jameel, H., Al Rawahi, M., Berlin, J., …Lord, J. (2012). Proceedings of the Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC) 2011. University of Salford

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Aug 1, 2012
Deposit Date Aug 24, 2012
Publicly Available Date Apr 5, 2016
ISBN 9781471704932
Keywords Postgraduate research, SPARC, business, computing, science, engineering, arts, social science, built environment, health sciences
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