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SPARC 2019 Fake news & home truths : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts

Aarons, Toby; Abduljawad, SAMAH ABDULHADI S; Aboelkheir, Aya; Addis, Maria Chiara; Adeboye, OG; Adeniyi, Ibukun Abimbola; Adesina, Raphael Adeyinka; Ajisope, Tayo Ayanbola; Alanazi, Badriah Alhumaidh; Alghamdi, Wael; Alhajri, Mubarak; Ali, Iftikar; Alrehily, Faisal; Alresheedi, Nadi; Alshamsi, Ibrahim; Apejoye, Adeyanju; Asdullah, Muhammad Ashar; Baghaei, Milad; Barnes, EM; Barton, Lucy Susan; Blezard, Eve; Boahene, TS; Carvalho, MARIA LUIZA DE ULHOA; Chinta, Sowmya; Clark, Anna; Dailah, HGH; Demonte, Philippa; Dixon, Tracy; Garbutt, Marrianne; Gbobaniyi, Andrea; Gbolagun, Vashti Suwa; Halilu gidado, ABUBAKAR; Greenhalgh, Stephen; Hameed, Wael; Yaradua, Kabir Hassan; Hassan, KABIRU JEGA; Hussain, Aisha; Iheme, MA; Iseghohimen, A; Jones, Matthew Allan; Kassaman, Dinah; Kulger, Katrin; Kuharat, Sireetorn; Lenka, Jessica Lapshak; Macarthy, Ruth; Makarfi, UU; Mattix, Daniel; Mitchell, Louise; Mohammed, NUHU; Moore, Zoe; Morlando, Sonia; Namuguzi, Mary; Namukwaya, Caroline; Nnadi, Modestus...

SPARC 2019 Fake news & home truths : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts Thumbnail


Toby Aarons


Aya Aboelkheir

Maria Chiara Addis

OG Adeboye

Ibukun Abimbola Adeniyi

Raphael Adeyinka Adesina

Tayo Ayanbola Ajisope

Badriah Alhumaidh Alanazi

Wael Alghamdi

Mubarak Alhajri

Iftikar Ali

Faisal Alrehily

Nadi Alresheedi

Ibrahim Alshamsi

Adeyanju Apejoye

Muhammad Ashar Asdullah

Milad Baghaei

Lucy Susan Barton

Eve Blezard

TS Boahene


Sowmya Chinta

HGH Dailah

Philippa Demonte

Tracy Dixon

Marrianne Garbutt

Andrea Gbobaniyi

Vashti Suwa Gbolagun

ABUBAKAR Halilu gidado

Stephen Greenhalgh

Wael Hameed

Kabir Hassan Yaradua


Aisha Hussain

MA Iheme

A Iseghohimen

Matthew Allan Jones

Dinah Kassaman

Katrin Kulger

Sireetorn Kuharat

Jessica Lapshak Lenka

Ruth Macarthy

UU Makarfi

Daniel Mattix

Louise Mitchell

NUHU Mohammed

Zoe Moore

Sonia Morlando

Mary Namuguzi

Caroline Namukwaya

Modestus Ikechukwu Nnadi

John Robert Nuttall

Aaron Beryl Nwedu


Muniratu Aliu Osmanu

Stamatia Papathanasiou


Ibrahim Sadiq

Nazila Safari

Nehal Saffar

ML Seekles

Kirsten Stoddart

Aisha Ibrahim Tilde

Neha Tomar

Fanni Toth

Phuong Anh Tran

Carolyn White

Helen Claire Whitehead

MS Willcock

Mei Feng Wu

Richa Yadav


Matias Yoma

Marysa Edwin

MS Willcock

Anna Borun

Orla Jackson-Ware

Lonneke Broeks

Philippa Demonte

Maryam Farzin Moghaddam

Vashti Suwa Gbolagun

Nazemin Gilanliogullari

Pasan Gunaratne

MA Iheme

John Robert Nuttall

Sue Skidmore

Nor Hafizah Yusup


Emma Marie Barnes

C Starbuck

E Sutton

Roy Vickers

Davina Whitnall


Welcome to the Book of Abstracts for the 2019 SPARC conference. This year we not only celebrate the work of our PGRs but also our first ever Doctoral School Best Supervisor awards, which makes this year’s conference extra special. Once again we have received a tremendous contribution from our postgraduate research community; with over 90 presenters, the conference truly showcases a vibrant, innovative and collaborative PGR community at Salford. These abstracts provide a taster of the inspiring, relevant and impactful research in progress, and provide delegates with a reference point for networking and initiating critical debate. Find an abstract that interests you, and say “Hello” to the author. Who knows what might result from your conversation? With such wide-ranging topics being showcased, we encourage you to take up this great opportunity to engage with researchers working in different subject areas from your own. To meet global challenges, high impact research needs interdisciplinary collaboration. This is recognised and rewarded by all major research funders. Engaging with the work of others and forging collaborations across subject areas is an essential skill for the next generation of researchers. Even better, our free ice cream van means that you can have those conversations while enjoying a refreshing ice lolly.


Aarons, T., Abduljawad, S. A. S., Aboelkheir, A., Addis, M. C., Adeboye, O., Adeniyi, I. A., …Yusup, N. H. (2019). E. M. Barnes, D. Greensmith, M. Griffiths, U. Hurley, T. Ireland, C. Starbuck, …D. Whitnall (Eds.), SPARC 2019 Fake news & home truths : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts. Salford, UK: University of Salford

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Jul 3, 2019
Deposit Date Aug 6, 2019
Publicly Available Date Aug 1, 2018
Series Title Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference
ISBN 9781912337297
Publisher URL


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