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SPARC 2021 - Against all odds : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts

Thomas, AM; Ibrahim, AA; Abraham, A; Halilu, AG; Adeosun, A; Court, A; Woodman, A; Foster, A; Prasetyo, AP; Stein, AM; Borun, A; Clark, A; Purcell, A; Sana, A; Moezoddin, A; Sabir, AT; Waweru, B; Namukwaya, C; White, CE; Bijimi, CK; Chinigo, C; Gilbert, DJ; Kassaman, D; Edem, DE; Tabone, E; Ogbugo, EJ; Ojiji, EE; Plahe, G; Bury, H; Perry, H; Chambers, HR; Broadhurst, H; Bakoji, IY; Ali, I; Nduka, IO; Mandal, J; Pardoe, J; Ediae, JO; Essuman, J; Johnson, J; Olomu, KG; Shukla, KH; Denham-Jones, L; Sykes, L; Smusz, M; Mulerwa, M; Ford, M; Sampson, M; Greenwood, M; Osmanu, MA; Lidbetter, N; Ebiega-Oselebe, O; Amusan, OP; Yu, P-Y; Rafati, P; Langford, R; Abubakar, R; Adesina, RA; Macarthy, R; Ahmed, S; Albenjasim, S; Alqassimi, S; Begum, S; Merlusca, S; Kelly, SA; Chinta, S; Papathanasiou, S; Ajisope, TA; Hall, T; Taylor, T; Aarons, T; Aliyu, U; Makarfi, UU; Ardo, AA; Whitehead, HC

SPARC 2021 - Against all odds :  Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts Thumbnail


AM Thomas

AA Ibrahim

A Abraham

AG Halilu

A Adeosun

A Woodman

A Foster

AP Prasetyo

AM Stein

A Borun

A Purcell

A Sana

A Moezoddin

AT Sabir

B Waweru

C Namukwaya

CK Bijimi

C Chinigo

D Kassaman

DE Edem

E Tabone

EJ Ogbugo

EE Ojiji

G Plahe

H Bury

H Perry

HR Chambers

IY Bakoji

I Ali

IO Nduka

J Pardoe

JO Ediae

J Essuman

J Johnson

KG Olomu

L Denham-Jones

L Sykes

M Smusz

M Mulerwa

M Ford

M Sampson

M Greenwood

MA Osmanu

N Lidbetter

O Ebiega-Oselebe

OP Amusan

P-Y Yu

P Rafati

R Langford

R Abubakar

RA Adesina

R Macarthy

S Ahmed

S Alqassimi

S Begum

S Chinta

S Papathanasiou

TA Ajisope

T Hall

T Taylor

T Aarons

U Aliyu

UU Makarfi

AA Ardo

HC Whitehead


H Bury

S Gowda

L Mitchell

A Stein

HC Whitehead


Welcome to the Book of Abstracts for the 2021 SPARC conference. Our conference is called “Against All Odds” as we celebrate the achievements of our PGRs and their supervisors, who have continued to excel despite the most challenging circumstances. For this reason, we showcase the work of our PGRs alongside the outstanding supervision that they receive, with our Doctoral School Best Supervisor awards. We also focus on developing resilience and maintaining good mental health in the research environment, supported by exceptional keynote speakers, including our very own Dr Michelle Howarth and Ruby Wax OBE, which makes this year’s conference extra special.


Thomas, A., Ibrahim, A., Abraham, A., Halilu, A., Adeosun, A., Court, A., …Whitehead, H. (2021). H. Bury, S. Gowda, T. Ireland, L. Mitchell, E. Oginni, T. Poppelreuter, …D. Whitnall (Eds.), SPARC 2021 - Against all odds : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts. Salford, United Kingdom: University of Salford

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Jun 21, 2021
Deposit Date Jun 21, 2021
Publicly Available Date Jun 21, 2021
Series Title Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference
ISBN 9781912337491
Publisher URL


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